Crossbite Orthodontist in Los Angeles


Whether your child or teenager is developing an uncomfortable bite, or you are an adult who has been living with one for years, Dr. Lisa Gao of Westwood Orthodontics can help.

In orthodontics, the bite refers to the way your upper and lower teeth line up when you close them together. The formal term is dental occlusion. When upper and lower teeth do not align correctly, you have a malocclusion.

Irregular bite affects both appearance and function. Teeth may put too much pressure on each other, leading to worn enamel.  This increases the risk of cavities or cracked teeth and makes teeth more sensitive to hot and cold. Temporomandibular jaw syndrome may result due to the extra stress that malocclusions put on the jaw. Headaches and teeth grinding are also more likely. And some studies have shown that a bad bite might even negatively affect balance. *

Types of Bite Issues We Can Help Improve


An underbite means that your lower teeth protrude in front of the upper teeth. The lower jaw may appear larger than the upper jaw. This condition is often genetic but can be caused by thumb sucking, injury, or other factors. Underbite may be barely noticeable or may significantly affect your appearance. It can make chewing and talking more difficult in addition to causing pain, TMJ, or self-esteem issues. Dr. Gao is your premier underbite orthodontist in LA.


When teeth are correctly aligned, the upper front teeth normally come out just slightly ahead of the lower front teeth, while molars fit neatly together. If the upper teeth protrude too far, with overall misalignment, that’s an overbite. This can cause difficulty with speech, make teeth more vulnerable to breaking, and lead to pain or TMJ. An overbite may get worse as you age, so it is important to work with a qualified Los Angeles overbite dentist to fix it.


The term crossbite can refer to any malocclusion but usually means bite problems that don’t fall into the underbite/overbite categories. Teeth may overlap or point in odd directions. Some upper teeth may be behind the lowers or stick out too far above lower teeth, as in underbite/overbite, but the entire set of teeth is not aligned too far forward or back, only specific teeth. This condition is often caused by overcrowding and responds well to treatment. Dr. Gao is your crossbite specialist in Los Angeles and can help you achieve wonderful results.

Why Choose Us as Your Crossbite Orthodontist in Los Angeles

Dr. Lisa Gao has decades of experience caring for Los Angeles’ orthodontic needs. She understands the importance of helping children develop the best smiles possible with early intervention and has the expertise to recommend the most effective and least invasive treatment plan. She works with persons of all ages, providing individualized and thoughtful service, never overbooking or rushing her patients. Her entire team works together to make getting a fabulous smile fun and relaxing for you and your family. She is also a trained Invisalign provider, making the most up-to-date options available. For the healthiest, most beautiful smile, call LA’s top-tier crossbite orthodontist at Westwood Orthodontics.